Elect Dan Dillman for Mayor of San Leandro in 2014. Inspiring a City of Infinite Possibilities.


San Leandro needs leadership that is proactive, leadership that is making the right choices for the city at the right time, creating opportunity, not allowing opportunity to pass us by.


This November you've got two choices for Mayor, two incumbent city council members, who are making promises to the future, when they have already had 12 years between them to get something done, or me "Dan Dillman" who has fresh idea's passion dedication and experience, I promise if elected Mayor, I will pave our roads to success, and I will never allow an opportunity to pass us by, I hope to have your vote this November.


Our current City leaders are asleep at the wheel, a perfect example of this is the recent waste management contract for the City of Oakland, where were our city leaders? San Leandro is losing millions of dollars in revenue and San Leandro jobs from this decision. One Council member actually advocated for this deal and the other, who is one of my opponents in the Mayoral race, has taken campaign money from this company, and now they are both claiming they didn't know the deal would effect San Leandro.


If you've been watching, what I've done with the Historic BAL Theatre over the past 5 years "take a run down theatre and turn it into one of the premiere event venues in the entire bay area on a mom and pop, shoe string budget", imagine what I could do for the city of San Leandro with it's resources as Mayor.


I am the only candidate who will publicly state, that I believe in your private property rights, I believe in your 1st and 2nd amendment rights, your individual rights to freedom and your rights to the pursuit of happiness. I am the only candidate who will publicly tell you that I believe in GOD and the power of prayer.


We need to stop making our decisions based on fear, We are a city of infinite possibilities and we should live in hope and let prosperity thrive.


Together we will accomplish many things, below are just a few.


When elected Mayor, Dan will work to accomplish many things, below are just a few.


1. Improving and Repairing our Roads.

2. Protect our Marina Shoreline.

3. Create Urban Gardens and Foster Urban Farming.

4. Put more Peace Officers on the street.

5. Create a Theatre District.

6. Grow our local Economy.

7. Improve Local Business Support

8. Less Taxation

9. Utilize Under Ground well Water


Candidate Statement:


As Mayor, I will lead, guide and promote our city,  The people of San Leandro desire a leader in the community who will create opportunity, security, and serve as mediator, and watcher over our local government; establishing accountability and transparency policies, protecting and wisely investing our tax dollars, while promoting our city as the Treasure and the Heart of the Bay Area. My wife and I have dedicated our lives to this community and I will serve you as Mayor with honor, passion, hope, faith and love. Our city's future can continue to be redefined with a strong economy, good schools, safe neighborhoods, thriving businesses, access to healthcare, emerging technologies, vital services, excellent shopping, exceptional dining, and world class entertainment. Together we will enhance the quality of our lives. We must erase the lines of division and clear a bright path to our future. We must strengthen our small business community, while remaining the hometown in which your family, friends and you, want to live and thrive. My experience, dedication, and passion for San Leandro has inspired me to build better bridges to our city’s future and if elected, I will pave our roads to success.


Candidate Platform:


Safer Neighborhoods

Utilize and coordinate with other police agencies that already patrol our city like; San Leandro Police, CHP, Sheriffs, Fire Department and Bart Police, by working together with these other agencies will mazximize our resources and make our city safer. Put more honorable officers on the streets that are biking and walking business district's and neighborhoods, getting to know the citizens and business owners.


Thriving Businesses

Create a positive friendly experience at city hall streamline our permit and business development processes, favor local growth, and shepherd the businesses that will best suit our neighborhoods. create a collective business advertising campaign.


Watcher over Government

Creating accountability and transparency, from all city departments and staff including our legal and police departments. protecting citizens, our tax dollars, fighting wasteful spending. I will bring back committees and full minute reporting.


Theatre District - Night Life Entertainment - Shopping & Dining

Create a theatre district, cross promote and foster night life entertainment and dining, bring new and exciting restaurants and shopping opportunities, create and or support multiple annual city event's at the Marina, Downtown, South San Leandro and other areas of our city.


LIT San Leandro " Fiber Optic Loop"

Ignite and foster the continued development of our new fiber optic network. We should continue expanding our fiber network, create more tech spaces, create more dining, and night life options as techie people like to be entertained and hangout.


Great Schools - Senior & Youth Partnerships

Continue to be engaged with our schools and help improve the children's experience, arts, education and spiritual wellbeing. Develop internships and volunteer programs that utilize our untapped senior and teen resources.


Improving Roads - Cleaning Up Our Streets

Repair our roads, find solutions to our homeless and pan handling problems. expand the cleaning of our streets.


Community - Urban Gardens & Farming

Create Urban Gardens and Farming opportunities, where all citizens could participate and reap the benefits of their labor.


Protect The Marina Shoreline

Protect Our Water Front Marina Shoreline and Harbor, create the right plan for this jewel of the bay area and San Leandro.


Foster Programs and Services That Give Back to our Citizens.


We need to get the word out that we are a new San Leandro and share with them all of the wonderful assets this community has to offer.


Dan Dillman States:


We need to build a city of opportunity and let hope thrive, we need to stop making decisions based on fear.


I believe in private property rights .


I believe all men and woman are equals, Partners in this life on Earth!


I believe in your 2nd amendment Rights!


I believe in freedom, individual rights and the pursuit of happiness!


I believe in the power of prayer!


Yes, I believe in the great creator Jehovah GOD, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! Yes, I believe there are angels in heaven and on earth! And I believe in you!


Dan Dillman is a Entrepreneur, Businessman, owner of San Leandro's Historic BAL Theatre, President of SLCCPA, Vice President of The South San Leandro Business Association, Vice President of The Halcyon Foothill Neighborhood Association, an active member in the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce.


















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